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Endings are just beginnings on their loneliest of days
we begin this comedic tragedy in the oddest of ways
a man, on his pedestal, preaching about Lot
our cases carry the past that time forgot,
filled with boys, and toys, and children's crusades
a mortal teapot
God's serenity, courage, wisdom, and disdain,
and the glowing end of the last, last cigarette
unstuck in time
These thoughts are jumbled and jangled as
we untangle the lives of American Survivors and
Real, Dead Soldiers
the war parts, anyway.
pretty much true.
A suitcase spine collapses under the madness of marching drums
and her head spills it's contents over the stark white battleground:
Music notes,
A sky full of stars from the train car,
Flying through the ground,
And a housefire.
And so on
and so on
and so on until there's no one left to wonder
if the accident will
if time permits
if she has died four times over, what life is there left for me to live?
Then perhaps life is not the last great enemy,
and death's opposite is
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Tell what you're thinking right now
Commit to the words inside your head
Out loud
Remember, this is what you always dreamed of in your sleepless nights
When the wind hushes candles, and the only thing left is the starlight
He says
And she shoots him that insolent grin
And this car hood is freeing, but I do all that I can to take it in
But she whispers:
"Life is so much more than what's right now."
And I whisper:
"Can't life just be what's right now?
Could like be a bottle of stars
Released into the night from the fire escape of your car,
Could life be my head on the glass
Waving time by, 'cause I can't watch it pass
Could I hold onto your hands?
Surrounded by distant lands
Could we just stay?
Does what's good always have to slip away.
But I say mmmmmmmm.
Could we sink into infinity?
And there's laughter from behind, but nobody stares.
'cause we don't want know if it's still PG back there.
As the daylight drifts on,
And the moonlight hugs us close
The sweet summer silence sinks deeper t
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Innerkriege + Giochi Capi
In the heart of mistakes and reinvention,
I find you
I whisper a silent confession
As I make my exit, into the flurry
Your face, haunting, in my back vision
Shred of condensation
Trickles on my cheek
Down my mask
His hand is silver,
Cast in black glove
His skin is ivory
Cast in iron lies
I can't remember what it felt like
To live without fear
I can't even remember what it felt like
To be held dear
And I hear the music
And it whispers in my ear,
We dance a silver waltz of murder,
As the end of lives draw near
You were everything I ever needed
He was everything you'd ever feared
I did all you ever warned me not
The lights of the ballroom swirl around me
The happy dearests dance about me
A flash of your face,
A flash of his
And I don't try to hold on
Though I see your face,
As I plunge to the floor,
It is only his when I awake
The music silenced,
The sanity questioned,
The room halted
The air loosened
He helps me to my feet,
Lead me to the gazebo,
Amongst shining candle lights
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The Darkest Day
minor chords, and minor fears
whispers of the end drawing near
bury you here, tonight
glimmers of thick moonlight
in your eyes
no, you're not coming home
we let you just die alone
now you hear our cries of
it's not fair
the cloak of sorrows that you wear
its not right
losing the war, when you've won all the fights
the quickest lives are the hardest to bear
scream up to god "i'll remember, i swear!"
no, it's not fair
can you save the ones, that are already too far away?
can you hear it now, after your dying day
your pounding heart relapse,
you catch me as i laugh
it all away
you slipped through our fingertips,
songs still on sorrowed lips
how your words do fray
A four-four heartbeat comes to a close,
why such a wicked end,
you're the only one who knows
though you struggle and strive,
you've saved too many lives
to give up now
fade to black,
you wont be coming back
and there's nothing left to say
it's not fair
when the sadness you carry is too much to bear
its not right
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scars on the unforgiving night
there are stars
they tell me
that will lead me back to you
stars that will lead me to the moments we sat at the piano
when we crashed in the grass, the music echoing in our ears
when the twilight kissed the moonlight, and the silence was our soundtrack
to the moment when your voice held mine in perfect harmony
stars that will take me to when we resided in the dark, drowning in hormones and second chances
when there was magic in the fireflies and miracles in your fingertips
when the i fell asleep under the blanket of night, listening to the lullaby of your rhythmic heartbeat
when mirrors were no use, when i could see myself in your eyes
stars that will lead me to before your palm smashed against my porcelain cheek
before, when IV only meant four
before i gave up on trusting anyone, because anyone i trusted gave up on me.
before my voice clunked against these ivory piano keys, and the golden sunset looks more like rotting fruit than anything else.
before i smashed the mirrors inside your
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The Trurth of the Matter by Broadwaygeek The Trurth of the Matter :iconbroadwaygeek:Broadwaygeek 2 1 Hold things together. by Broadwaygeek Hold things together. :iconbroadwaygeek:Broadwaygeek 4 2 Build God, Then We'll Talk by Broadwaygeek Build God, Then We'll Talk :iconbroadwaygeek:Broadwaygeek 3 1 Brown Dress by Broadwaygeek Brown Dress :iconbroadwaygeek:Broadwaygeek 3 0
So you don't.
don't tell me that you know how i feel
                Unless you've heard an i  d o n ' t  l o v e  y o u
                Unless you look in the mirror and hate  e v e r y t  h i n g you see
                Unless you  c r y   yourself  a w a k e
                Unless you've  l o s t    y o u  r   w a y   o n    y o u r   w a y   h o  m e
                Unless you keep up a damag
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Inspiration and Some Sleep
Someday, somewhere, there is a little girl.
There is a girl crying out for help, but does not make a sound.
There is a girl, with tears running down her soul, but none running down her eyes.
There is a girl, who cannot speak, but can yell.
There is a girl who you will never meet, but you will feel her with every day, with every step.
There is a girl who does not feel home
This is where she rises in the morning, where she lays at night, and where she has spent every important moment of her life.
This is the home of her only companion, who puts her to bed every night
This is the place she knows, this is the place she marks in the maps.
This is where she cries herself to sleep
This is where she prays for a miracle
This is where she takes time to dream
But this is not her home
This is merely her place
There is a girl who does not have much
Her socks do not warm
Her black dress does not mourn
Her blankets do not protect
Her pillows do not comfort
Her window does not show
There is a girl yo
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Do you remember the first time? The first time you felt lost. The first time you cried yourself to sleep. The first time that you were so utterly horrified, that you almost peed your pants?
You may not. But I do.
I can tell you what day it was, what time it all happened at, but I can remember everything else. I am forced to remember everything else.
I was merely seven and a half years old. I slipped quietly underneath my big, fuzzy, comforter, in my bed, my silky pajamas soft against my young skin. My mother silently kissed me goodnight, pressing the play button on my favorite cassette tape. She gave me a small smile and wave, and closed the door, leaving her on the other side, when I so desperately needed her here with me.
The music started softly, the gentle notes singing from the violins. I clutched tightly onto my teddy bear, pulling the covers up to my eyeballs. I close my eyes, trying to shut out the memory. Instead, the inside of my eyelids become a perfect 3D-Imax screen on the
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Too easy
its hard
to ignore his whisper in my ear
to shut out the voice
that claws at me at night
the voice that tells me i'm all alone
that it's all my fault
that's i'll rot away, unloved and frightened
i walk in this unconscious state
he's there
clinging silently on my back
dragging me down
into the depths of solitude
cold, as the swirling black clouds encircle me
my footsteps are slower
as he tells me it's okay
to forget
to detach
to give in
i yearn for an escape
a release from his thrilling hold
his face is warm on my neck
a fake sort of life that only lasts for a few sweet moments
before dripping away into ice
you don't need her
he whispers
you don't need them
no, you don't need any of it
you only need me
for a second i want to believe it's true
the next, i do
i surrender solely to myself
to him
and i feel my breath getting short
my fingers are numb
i try to cry out
to save myself
to hold on, with the last few moments of life
but it's too late
i let go
and that's all he needs
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So Long, and Goodbye
if you dare try and find me,
then you'll know where I'll be.
in my little corner, beneath the sink,
free to be, free to bleed
the pillow case is far too cold
the blood and tears are getting old
i've been better, but i've been worse.
i hold my breath, as you loudly curse.
have you ever had that day,
where you break, no bend
everything was perfect
until the very end
where your all alone,
in and ouside
and you know that there's nowhere
for you to hide
you can't hide
from the voice inside your mind
i quietly laugh
at the blood on my hands
don't even try,
you can't understand.
i'll fade into the dark
barely left a mark
dead on the bathroom floor,
nothing less, nothing more
maybe you'll miss me
maybe you won't
maybe you care
you probably don't
I still have these scars
a trail on my arms.
that tell me the tale
of all the world's harms.
so i'll sing you a song
too loud, and too wrong
i'll deafen your ears
playing your greatest fears
it's what you deserves
as i've often heard.
itll all fade to
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My Damn Life
Best friends
To the end
Can I hear that one again?
Maybe I’m just lonely
Just wanting somebody near me
Can anyone hear me?
It’s a bandana
Made of cotton
How in one night
Could I be forgotten?
To close for comfort
To far to hear
Am I the only one
With voices In my ear?
How could one
Crazy psychopath
Suddenly rearrange
All my simple math
1 + 1 should equal two
What am I,
Minus you?
Praying for some sanity
Everything is black to me.
“Honey, you don’t look so good,”
How can you think that I should?
Well, honey, you’re d*** right.
‘Cause this is my d*** life.
Running through
Your mosh pit
Why do I feel
Like I’ve been hit
By a hurricane
Maybe I wish I had
My thoughts have turned to screams,
I can hardly think straight,
Her voice echo’s around me
She’s who’s homecoming date?
Sell your soul
For a little pleasure
She’s a way to get home
How can I measure….
And so I ran
As fast, as hard as I can
Why a girl like m
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Wait for the Night by Broadwaygeek Wait for the Night :iconbroadwaygeek:Broadwaygeek 0 2


The Trembled by iNeedChemicalX The Trembled :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 442 19 Camera obscura by iNeedChemicalX Camera obscura :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,344 67 exhale by LucyJOrchard exhale :iconlucyjorchard:LucyJOrchard 86 14
i gave my heart to a crocodile
he used it as a toothpick
i took it back
gave it to Charlie Chaplin
he kept playing the dictator
i took it back
gave it to Houdini
he'd make it disappear every morn
i took it back
gave it to the Beatles
they threw it to their lunatic fans
i took it back
gave it to my chest
it was dark and bloody in there
i took it back
gave it to You,
my Unloneliness,
to stuff it next to yours -
i heard from your veins
there's room enough for Two
in your rib cage.
:iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 745 102
Copper skin by iNeedChemicalX Copper skin :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,188 63 A series of unfinished drawings II by LucyJOrchard A series of unfinished drawings II :iconlucyjorchard:LucyJOrchard 7 0 I wish it was spring. by LucyJOrchard I wish it was spring. :iconlucyjorchard:LucyJOrchard 9 1 when tears are you in your eyes by iNeedChemicalX when tears are you in your eyes :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 784 26
I want you to know 5-24-12
I want you to know: A hastily scrawled poem from during a phone conversation... (5/24/12)
I want you to know you're absolved,
you haven't done any wrong,
that all the hurt that I feel now is welcomed,
that I'm thankful I can still feel it.
I want you to know I felt like I was talking to a ghost when you called,
someone who had already disappeared from my life,
someone who was gone before I could say goodbye,
I'm still lingering on those last seven letters that you said.
I want you to know I will always be here,
until the very end,
until everything else if gone and I know there's no more hope,
but, there is still some.
A peace lily still grows among the ashes,
A tearful goodbye still waits off on the horizon,
And all the good we did one another has yet to have its last victory,
it's last boast for all that life should be,
All that friends should be.
I want you to know that I've thrown out everything else
but the fond memories,
the streaks of light along the night sky that lasted for onl
:iconthemarchingorders:TheMarchingOrders 1 11
Colder II by iNeedChemicalX Colder II :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,308 50 In cosmos and in dreams by iNeedChemicalX In cosmos and in dreams :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,597 82
Save Me a Page 5-9-12
Save me a Page 5-9-12
Save me some clear space,
overlooking a fold in the paper
where I can wander and dabble in
the blue ink of the open sky.
I need to rest there,
on the endless, undying plains of snowy white,
while graphite shaded clouds gather in the distance,
to clear my conscious and thoughts with
the music of mind and pen.
Give me the soundproof plateau,
the cliffs over which I can hurl my frustrations,
all my worries and anguish,
all things I have or will ever suffer,
let them land on beds of prose,
and let them lie there until eyes lift them.
Let me recover myself here,
seek out the buried pieces of precious being,
and the hopes that lost themselves.
I want to find them here on my own,
illuminate them with language,
and capture them forever on this,
your gift to me,
save me a page.
:iconthemarchingorders:TheMarchingOrders 1 0
Inner Sanctuary by yuumei Inner Sanctuary :iconyuumei:yuumei 20,547 767 The Legend of Korra by yuumei The Legend of Korra :iconyuumei:yuumei 22,422 1,167 Eye of Paradise by yuumei Eye of Paradise :iconyuumei:yuumei 13,949 485 Never Lasting by yuumei Never Lasting :iconyuumei:yuumei 31,732 1,062



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I've recently become acutely aware of how little I actually log on to this website, and, frankly, I miss it.
I thought I'd give an update to the select few of you that care enough to read these, and don't see me on a daily basis.

I'm in a weird place with my art. I haven't done as much writing as I should have, and when I have been writing, it hasn't been in the form of standalone pieces that can be easily posted on here. I've discovered a love for costume design, so, if I get around to scanning some of the pages of my theater journal, you'll get to see some of those. I'd like to say that I'm going to make a real effort to write and draw more, so that I can post a deviation more than once every six months, but art is one of those things that I can't force. It never turns out to be anything I'm proud of.

I've grown a lot over the past six months. I've seen the world transform into a place I don't recognize, saw myself dealing with types of things I swore would never happen to me, and lost control over a lot of things that I thought would always be in my back pocket. But I've found my writing voice, and produced a lot of things that I'm really, justly proud of. I've grown to become more comfortable with who I am, regardless of my relationship status, my pants size, or my grade point average. Naturally, these things still matter, but they are not controlling my life anymore. I've gone to hell and back for the people that I love. I am not my oppressor's opinion of me. I am me.

I still haven't upgraded to the new browser. DeviantART still yells at me about that, but I can still get around. I'm okay with firefox as it is.
I've started seriously thinking about college, and how I want to spend the rest of my life.
I wish that things were better than they are right now, but this is the best they've ever been.

Goodnight, ladies and gentleman. Stay lovely.


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